How to Promote Your Affiliate Links for Free: A Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing isn’t a new concept in the digital marketing world. 

Like most businesses, people make money everyday through it. Most beginners are only yet to learn how to promote their affiliate links the free way.

Affiliate marketing has also become one of the raves in marketing owing to digital trends opening opportunities to online businesses. 

This means that you as an affiliate could be driving an extra 4…5…6 figures or more monthly to your income stream as passive income or a full time job at your convenience.

When it comes to starting affiliate marketing or any type of business, there are a few things that can dramatically jumpstart your starting successfully. 

Here are what you would require:

1. Passion – this will propel you to continue to ride with the tide and stay in business even when you are faced with zero to low sales

2. Skill – researching and learning the right skills can help you make smart decisions

3. Define goals – even a one-page business plan can be a great resource so you don’t go off track.

You will also require a combination of the right mindset, tools, efforts and strategies. 

With these, you too can get started and even become successful with affiliate marketing.

If you would really like to know the easy ways to start affiliate marketing and promote your products for free, this guide will walk you through the process. 

What is affiliate marketing? 

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a “performance-based” marketing strategy to achieve sales.

The process requires an affiliate to sign up to participate in an available program, select products of choice and provide online marketing contents. 

The bottom line of affiliate marketing is knowing how to get customers for the affiliate companies and ensuring sales are generated through your leads.

How to become an affiliate marketer.

There are lots of affiliate programs to choose from both locally and internationally. 

While there may be affiliate programs unavailable to you, follow this easy steps to secure a spot:

1. Choose an available program that resonates with your goals and is a profitable niche.

2. You would want to begin with affiliate programs that require you to get started for free.

3. Search through the affiliate company’s website and sign up.

4 Log in to your affiliate dashboard to choose which product(s) to market.

5. Promote products through marketing campaigns to provide leads that can be converted to sales.

It is that easy to become an affiliate marketer.

What does the affiliate company do?

Your affiliate company will provide you promotional materials like deep links, banners, etc.

These promotional materials should be embedded in your online marketing campaign.

You will receive commission payouts in line with terms when your leads makes an order.

The affiliate company incure costs that are connected to the products such as production costs, warehousing, packaging, distribution, shipping cost or after-sales support. 

How does an affiliate get leads that converts to sales?

To get leads, an affiliate marketer uses content marketing strategies.

He creates and shares relevant online content that can attract and retain a target audience and turn them to sales

He then sends traffic through a link referring them to the affiliate company’s site where they buy products. 

When the referred customer clicks and purchases through the link, a sale is recorded.

How to promote your products for free.

By now, you must have understood what affiliate marketing entails and how to start.

Affiliate marketing has very low overheads with advertising as its main overheads. Even at this, you can get free organic traffic.

To be able to promote products, drive traffic and generate leads, you will need online marketing platforms. This is the place you build relationships with your target audience that converts to sales.

You can use text, audio, video, info-graphics or a mix in your content management strategy.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and are just testing the waters or are starting on a shoestring budget, you will need to bootstrap and find alternative marketing platforms.

Here are a few ways you can start with for FREE.

1. YouTube 

YouTube is a free platform that you can join once you have a gmail account. You can quickly make video recordings with your phone.  

YouTube Videos are a great way to kickstart you affiliate marketing journey and allows potential customers build a relationship and have a visual feel of the product(s).

Anyone who looks up your video has a high chance of being converted because the person is interested in the video and its details.

2. Facebook Group

By simply having a free Facebook community, you are attracting people with like interests that you can build relationships with over time.

It offers the ability for your community members to be nurtured gently through text, videos, photos or a mix and you can get feedbacks that can be of use to you.

As your Facebook community grows with your target audience, you can leverage the numbers to scale.


A free blogging site where you can post product reviews, how-to posts, etc and get traffic.

You can also create a niche blog and include your affiliate links to products.

4. Email marketing 

You can start by building an email list. To achieve this, you need to exchange something as a reward to any who signs up.

You can use a free website to collect this email list. MailChimp and other websites allow you to start building an email list for free. 

While these platforms are free they are not automated and may not generate you the desired passive income but they are great ways to start affiliate marketing.


Strategies to become successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Choose a specific profitable niche 

2. Join the best affiliate marketing programs that are going to be relevant to your audience.

3. Determine and create your winning marketing platform(s)

4. Create a system that can support your affiliate marketing business even when you are not there.

5. Use content marketing strategies by creating and sharing relevant content that can attract and retain a target audience and turn them to sales

6. You can use text, audio, video, info-graphics or a mix.

7. Build your audience

8. Target your audience

9. Promote relevant products

10. Repeat Steps 5 – 9

There are also loads of affiliate marketing programs you can join. 

Just do a google search by adding affiliate to your preferred company’s name and see if an affiliate program is available.


With the steps discussed above, you can see that starting affiliate marketing and promoting your products for free is easy.

As mentioned earlier, it takes a combination of the right mindset, tools, efforts and strategies to become successful with affiliate marketing. 

If you are going to join any affiliate marketing program, don’t expect to get rich overnight. This Beginner’s guide will help you get started quickly with your affiliate marketing business.

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