Girlpreneur is Nigeria’s Largest Virtual Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Camp for teenage girls in secondary schools.

Gender-equitable education programs empower girls and boys and support the development of life skills that young people need to succeed throughout life.

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong, and Nigerian women account for 41% ownership of micro-businesses in Nigeria with 23 million female entrepreneurs operating within this segment. This places Nigeria among the highest entrepreneurship rates globally.

However, existing programs that promote and support women’s entrepreneurship help address the inequality that currently exists, but they don’t reach women early enough.

To make a real change, we must nurture entrepreneurship in girls when they are in primary and secondary schools, teaching them appropriate skills they will need to succeed, to see themselves as entrepreneurs and leaders through hands-on experience and interactions with female role models.

The Girlpreneur Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Program provides a one-year long online lessons, community and mentoring, empowering girls in Nigeria to reach their full potentials.

Entrepreneurship education lets girls develop their leadership skills, embrace their competitive side, and learn to take more risks. Invest in the future of your girl-child.

Program commences August 1, 2021 with a lifetime access fee of N5,000


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